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Top Features

New Daily Creative Challenges

New Daily Creative Challenges

Mewz offers a fresh and unique creative challenge every day. Explore your creative potential with a daily dose of inspiration.

Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Spend quality time with your loved ones on weekends with Mewz. Our family-friendly challenges are designed for kids and adults alike.

Mew-tations (in development)

Mew-tations (in development)

It's probably a really cool and super secret feature. Would be a shame if you miss it's release.



Each Mewz challenge comes with a short narrative, complete the challenge to reveal the grand finale.

User "Reviews"

“We love this product, it has helped me greatly. My life used to be cold and empty, but ever since I started using this product it hasn’t changed much.”

Michael Michaelson United Kingdom

“I cannot recommend this app more! A new light is shining on my life and I have never felt better. Except for that one time in Vegas.”

Steven Spielberg United States of America

“It’s the best app a person could ask for. The only thing missing now is that every other aspect of my life changes for the better too! Rehab here I come.”

Gerarld Huxby Switzerland

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