create your own challenge

What is a MEWZ-Cahllenge?

  • A fun and creative task you can usually do in under 10 min 
  • It should be makable with things you have at home or at hand 

how to create one?

Sometimes inspirations sparks on its own. But if you need some guideline here is the MEWZ-approach: 

The MEWZ-Approach


usually mewz-challenges consist of 2 must have elements (Art form and themes) and 2 optional midoficators (descriptor or and Challengemodifier) 

As a mathematical equasion: 

MEWZ-Challenge = Art Form + Theme (+- Descriptor) (+- Modifier) 

to facilitate things for you, we already did some effort to assamble these elements on a miro board. so you can just click an the link below and get started by following the steps: 

Step 1

Choose an art-form

combine the art-form with a theme

Step 2

Step 3

add a discriptor and/or a challenge-modifier

try it out, share it with friend and have fun

if you are convinced that your challenge is worth sharing, you can send your own MEWZ-challenge and maybe in the near future you will see it in the app. So that you yourself can become a part of MEWZ

Step 4